Back to school, boosting immunity and big plans for My Little Davinci!

Back to school, boosting immunity and big plans for My Little Davinci!

It's been a busy few weeks for the 2tech team. Here is just some of what we did last month... 

Ball Mason Jars

At the beginning of September - as parents sent their children back to the classroom - we gave customers: '5 ways to use Ball Mason Jars for Back to School.' From storing sandwich filling to pouring cereals without mess - our jars are super useful and we hope parents / carers found our suggestions helpful. 


Good gut health does not need to be difficult, in fact it can taste pretty good! With the inevitable spread of germs and colds that come with school children mixing again, we gave parents: '3 delicious ways to boost family immunity.'   We suggested adding homemade cheese, kombucha or kimchi to the family meal plan. Our Kefirko products make good gut health easy and are a great addition to the kitchen - especially at this time of year.

Kefir UK

My Little Davinci

We have big plans for My Little Davinci, some of which will become clear later on this week! Until then, we can tell you that will be helping to promote the Big Draw Festival 2021. The Big Draw is a pioneering visual literacy charity dedicated to raising the profile of drawing as a tool for wellbeing, thought, creativity, social and cultural engagement. The festival runs from 1-31 October, so follow @mylittledavinciuk on Instagram to get updates on what we have planned!

My Little Davinci

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  • Kiesha Meikle