Boneco, the Swiss healthy air company about to take the UK by storm

Boneco, the Swiss healthy air company about to take the UK by storm

We have recently partnered with Boneco the Swiss company that produces state of the art air purification systems for the body, home, office and when you are travelling. 

We commute to our London office from the Sussex Downs and we really notice how dreadful London air is getting now. If you read the Clean Air For London Campaign you can see that London has surpassed the legal limits for nitrogen dioxide pollution and there are some 9,500 deaths linked to air pollution each year in London. Much work has to be done to change this from the ground, but what can we all do in the meantime? Boneco have come up with the ultimate wearable air purifier.  


Airvida from ible Technology is a portable purifier that uses ionisation technology to remove particles from the air around you making it clean and safe to breathe. The ionisers emit 20 million ions per cubic centimeter, eliminating particles, bacteria, pollen and dust from the air around you.

The AirVida is chargeable via USB and will give you 32 hours of usage in between charges. Light and comfortable to wear, and of a sleek stylish design, AirVida can be worn anywhere to improve your air quality whilst on public transport, traveling, public spaces.

 Available in black, pink and white. 

Boneco also produce an extensive range of air purification for the home and office or if you are on the go. Check out our website for their range. We are delighted to be their UK distributors. 


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  • Annette Lees