Hackit has arrived!

Hackit has arrived!

Designed and manufactured in Norway, the Hackit is essentially a Kitchen tool that easily and quickly breaks up mincemeat in the cooking pan - it also chops and mashes other foods like biscuits, avocado, fruit potatoes and vegetables with no fuss at all. It is one of those products that until you've tried it you'll never know how much you really needed it - I use it a lot myself when cooking and it really is very effective indeed. The Hackit Plus is a higher price point offering which includes a container to chop and mash things more effectively using the Hackit. For example digestive biscuits or avocado.

One of the two Owners of the Hackit Company is Norwegian Celebrity TV & Michelin Chef, Erling Sundal. As soon as he saw and tried the Hackit, he knew he just had to be a part of its success and invested immediately.
 You can buy Hackit for £7.99 and see for yourself what a terrific handy kitchen tool it really is. 

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  • Annette Lees