Meadowsweet & Kefir

Meadowsweet & Kefir

'Imagine the fresh, floral anoma of elderflower but backed with deeper, richer almondy notes - like lychee meets marzipan' - James Wong, The Guardian

We've been hunting around for ideas to create more inspiration for our Kefirko users out there when we discovered the above article by James Wong.

Meadowsweet is a highly underrated wild flower by what seems like everyone (except bees). We have created a recipe to use with your Kefir water that is an absolute MUST.

Before we give you the all-important recipe, here is a list of the benefits meadowsweet offers...

  • Medicinal; contains an asprin-like compound with pain-releivig and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Looks so attractive and keeps the bee's happy
  • Tough and needs little to no maintenance throughout the year


How to make Meadowsweet Kefir Story 

Driving down a lovely country road, I noticed some meadowsweet - it's in season now. The road isn't busy, which is handy because I like my meadowsweet organic! Meadowsweet favours bogs, wet areas and moist verges.

I picked some flowerheads, making sure there were no brown ones (not a fan).

Once I returned home, I boiled the kettle with ZeroWater. While this was boiling, I shook any bugs out of the meadowsweet and put it into a BPA free plastic, food grade jug. I then poured boiling water over it to steep it.

After 10 minutes, I strained the steeped meadowsweet liquid and let it cool to room temperature. I poured my water kefir out of my Kefirko into a bottle. Then I added cooled meadowsweet flavour and closed the bottle.

I'm going to store it for a few days to brew and become fizzy.

One thing to note about meadowsweet is that (as hard as it may be) you should go easy on it - it's still got asprin-like compounds however diluted! Definitely not something for expecting mums, kids or anyone allergic to asprin!

For the rest of us, meadowsweet kefir is a great treat to enjoy on a hot summers evening once in a while!


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  • Annette Lees