Summer is here! Fermentation, BBQ and berries..

Summer is here! Fermentation, BBQ and berries..

It's all about the summer here at 2tech! We recently had the pleasure of attending a fascinating fermentation course by the knowledgeable homeopath Elle Fox  . Elle runs Bubbling Life ferment workshops and it was pleasurable magic to learn about the health benefits of bubbles and how to create the best gut health with fermentation. 

I booked the course via our local biodynamic farm the famous Plaw Hatch Farm and it was such a wonderful day spent learning and playing with ingredients. I am now the owner of my very own lady shed of ferments! See below. (I am quite proud!) 

My selection of healthy bubbling ferments here, a ginger bug, kimchi and kombucha all bubbling away. With the Kimchi I used our fermentation kits from ReCap which worked brilliantly, no need to 'burp' the jar. 

This weekend we are set to have super weather so we will be out in our East Sussex garden having friends over for a BBQ. I live using these nifty two pronged skewers by Quirky, they hold food onto the skewer securely while you are grilling. 

Sliders by Quirky 

We love to grow fruit and veggies at home on our little tiny farm, as there is only two of us we do get left with a glut of fruit and veg so this year we will be bottling and fermenting lots of our homegrown produce with our fermentation range by ReCap. 

Another way we love to stop food waste is to use Freshpaper on our fruit and veggies. Wimbledon is in full force and that can only mean strawberries and cream! What better way to prolong the life of your berries than with the simple sheet of paper that prolongs fresh fruit and veggie life up to 3 times. 

Freshpaper, prolongs the life of fruit and vegetables naturally. 

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