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ZeroWater on Phillip Schofield's 'How To Spend it Well at Christmas'

Posted by Annette Lees on

Our Zerowater 7-cup was featured on How to Spend it Well at Christmas and we are so pleased with the result! Phillip absolutely loved it as much as we do!

He started by testing his unfiltered TDS and was shocked to see that our filter removed 100% of the contaminants, leaving a 000 TDS reading. He then tried our not-so-magic-trick and put his glass of wine through the filter - and was amazed by the filters strength as it turned the wine into perfectly clean water!

Phillip went on to say that ZeroWater is far more cost-effective than bottled water, and it is 100% worth it! 

Thank you to the wonderful Phillip Schofield and the team at 'How To Spend it Well at Christmas'.

To purchase your ZeroWater jug and start the journey to drinking clean water - follow the link below:-

To watch Phillip's review on our 7-cup, follow the link! We are featured at approx. 16 minutes in:-