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EcoBoskke Sky Planter

EcoBoskke Sky Planter


ECOBoskke is a great way to maximise space as it enables you to hang plants from the ceiling without losing floor space. This non-drip upside-down plant pot is great for the home, the office or even outdoors and is suitable for herbs, flowers and most foliage.

Each Sky Planter Recycled comes with the Slo-Flo internal irrigation system which feeds water directly to the plant’s roots, limiting evaporation and dripping. A float stick indicates water level and reminds you when to water. A locking disc secures the plant and soil so there’s no mess.

The kit includes the planter suitable for 12cm wide based plants and hanging accessories.

Boskke has added another line to their repertoire – the new EcoBoskke range, offering vibrant gardening products suitable for any budget, with a fresh interpretation of their Boskke classics in recycled materials. “Eco” refers to both the use of recycled materials and easy end-of-life disassembly and recycling, as well as being more economical. The first EcoBoskke product will be a new range of the iconic Sky Planter, available in three sizes and a curated selection of lively colours to suit any environment.