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ECO Grill Outdoor BBQ Cooking Log

ECO Grill Outdoor BBQ Cooking Log


ECO Grill is the best solution for cooking outdoors. Made from the highest quality FSC and sustainable Alder wood and charcoal, this BBQ log uses an environmentally friendly light-up element which allows the BBQ to light quickly without any chemicals which would ruin the taste of your meal. Everything is included in the pack to start cooking meat, fish and vegetables, and the ECO Grill only requires only a single match to start.

The ECO grill is safe to use and easy to cook on. Ready to cook in 20 minutes, the barbecue then burns at an even heat for 2.5 hours ensuring you have plenty of time to cook a variety of foods thoroughly for several people. The flat surface makes ECO Grill ideal for cooking using a grill or rack, or you can simply place items like potatoes or corn directly onto the charcoals as there are no harmful chemicals to affect your food.

By using only natural materials, the ECO Grill makes your meal look and taste like you have cooked it on an open fire naturally. When it has burnt out, there is nothing left to throw away or recycle as it burns completely. Fantastic for camping, beach parties, field kitchens, festivals, garden parties etc.

  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Natural and sustainable materials used only
  • Eco plastic wrap stops contents from spilling during storage and transit
  • Burns immediately – no chemical igniters or fluids needed
  • Heat ready for grilling food in approx. 20 minutes
  • More than 2, 5 hours of even heat for cooking food
  • Cook meat, fish, & vegetables easily, healthily and safely
  • Ideal for baking- grilling- boiling- cooking or smoking food.
  • Surface is a good size for pans, kettles, grill racks etc.
  • Awesome gift idea

2 different sizes available: (products are natural so measurements may vary)

Medium - 20cm Diameter, 10cms high

Large - 25cm Diameter, 10cms High

ECO Grill is produced by a family company from Latvia, Northern Europe. One tenth of each Euro of sales goes back to Afforestation - replanting of trees to replace those used in production. This brand has an FSC certificate and an internationally patented design.