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Rake n Tamp

Rake n Tamp


Rake 'n' Tamp - Collect and Compress

The Rake ‘n’ Tamp two-in-one yard tool expands into a full-sized rake to gather your fallen foliage and, when retracted, serves as a conveniently compact tamper. Maximize space both in your leaf bags and in your garage! Use your thumb to pull in the tines and effortlessly transform your rake for tamping action. The ridged tamping platform also serves as a base for upright storage.

- Stainless steel rake tines for easy and maneuverable backyard cleanup
- Sliding and locking mechanism to expand and retract tines, seamlessly converting tool between rake and tamper
- Lightweight polished aluminum shaft
- Retractable tines allow for storage just as compact as the leaves you just bagged up
- Ridged platform for upright and slim storage
- Hole in handle for hanging

145mm (5.7in) length x 230mm (9in) width x 1290mm (50.8in) height
711mm (28in) width for expanded rake