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Piddle Place

Piddle Place is an environmentally friendly cost effective option to puppy pads, litter boxes and expensive dog walkers.

Whilst not meant to replace walking your pet, the Piddle Place™ dog toilet provides a comfortable sanitary environment for your pet to relieve themselves while waiting for your return or when weather does not permit a trip outdoors. Also perfect for house breaking, anxious dogs, those that travel with their pets, or those who bring pets along on boats, caravans or the like. The Piddle Place™ is designed to complement the look of your home. Piddle Place is also great for the handicapped or elderly, who find walking a pet a challenge.

The Patented Groove and Drainage System allows the porous grass-like turf to sit high above the reservoir. This means that your pet’s paws remain above the piddle, as it flows neatly into the drain and storage reservoir. With a spray or two of our odor-busting Bio-enzyme treatment to the turf, and Bio-plus concentrate in the reservoir, the Piddle Place™ pet relief system proves to be the MOST sanitary, fresh smelling indoor pet potty.

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