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Boneco U200 Ultrasonic Humidifier Value Bundle

Boneco U200 Ultrasonic Humidifier Value Bundle


Gardeners World bundle includes Triple Pack of Citrus Essential Oils (RRP £99.99) plus FREE UK Shipping

The handy and compact design of the Boneco U200 fits anywhere in your home. A high humidification output guarantees optimal humidification with a low energy consumption of just 20W. The integrated Ionic Silver Stick® and the de-mineralisation cartridge keep the water The unit is whisper-quiet, allowing for a restful sleep or an undisturbed working environment. The fragrance container allows for an individual room scenting.

Thanks to effective high-frequency technology, the water is converted into a micro-fine mist and given off to the indoor air by a fan. The integrated de-mineralisation cartridge provides water mist without limescale. The included Ionic Silver Stick® utilises the antibacterial effects of silver and ensures optimal water quality - fresh and free of minerals.

  • Extremely easy to operate using a control knob
  • Practical reminder indicator for refilling water
  • Integrated Hygrostat
  • Infinitely variable output regulator
  • Easy handling and cleaning (included cleaning brush)
  • Subtle water illumination (can be switched off as desired)
  • Fragrance container for use with essential oils
  • Elegant and handy design
  • Removable water tank with handle for easy refilling