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Metal Stem & Citrus Reamer Gift Set

Metal Stem & Citrus Reamer Gift Set


Sweet tools for a sour task

This shining set is sure to become any citrus lover's main squeeze. It features our classic citrus spritzer, Stem, upgraded to highly polished aluminum. It's paired with CitriTwist, an equally handsome reamer that extracts every last drop of juice without making a mess.

When life gives them...

A gorgeous, limited-edition boxed set like this, their holidays are filled with proverbial lemonade. You, friend, could be life in this scenario.

Tap the flavour

Stem metal sprays juice directly from any citrus fruit with the press of a finger. No cutting, no skinning... just a liquid burst of flavor straight from the source.

No drop left behind

Reamer is easy on the eyes, and even easier on food and drink prep. Its hollow, twisted form allows the juice to drip down the inside walls instead of your hands.