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My Little DaVinci Wooden Picture Frame for 50 Artworks

My Little DaVinci Wooden Picture Frame for 50 Artworks


Display your child’s artwork in My Little DaVinci professional frames, and store up to 50 masterpieces. Clear your fridge door from your kids’ finger paintings and frame them beautifully with these front-opening frames.


Every proud parent has the same problem: children’s artwork they cherish, and photographs they want to display! Face it; most of us use our fridge as an art gallery, and our computers as our photo albums. The worst part is that we never really get enjoy them. Many of the masterpieces our kids create for us end up lost or damaged, and even the best digital photos never get shared.

To solve this universal problem, Dynamic Frames ® patented several lines of front-opening frames that not only professionally display artwork and photos, but store up to 50 in each slim frame!

 These frames are perfect for displaying instructions, photos, artwork, certificates, collages, and posters and are available in A3 and A4 in black, white and natural wood. Create a rotating photo, info and art gallery in your home or office!



  • Built-in storage: display your latest print while keeping up to 49 others behind it
  • A4 and A3 sizes: made specifically for the most common paper and photo-print sizes
  • Front-opening: easy to add or change photos and artwork
  • Easy to hang vertically or horizontally: all hardware required bundled, plus a kick-stand
  • High-quality workmanship: can be used in any home, office, gallery or hotel
  • Professional: acid-free white matting turns any artwork or photo into a masterpiece
  • Glass front opens easily (Not Shatterproof Glass)

 Frame your children's precious masterpieces