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PowerStrip |Modular| UK - Create your own extension solution

PowerStrip |Modular| UK - Create your own extension solution


Portable and convenient

Module parts are detachable and convenient to mix and match. Since it is so thin it is also easy to carry – allowing you to also bring it along on your weekend escape or business meeting.

Modular Socket

PowerStrip is a truly modular socket. The main body fits various modules, such as a usb module, wifi module, power bank module, lamp module, switch module and so on. You can combine these in whatever way you like. Even more so as the switch module can control all modules behind it, enabling you to switch e.g. your Wi-Fi off while leaving your lights on. USBx2 MODULE AVAILABLE NOW!!

Distinct appearance

This power strip with an ultra-thin design, subtle design pattern and a gentle color will provide a great user experience.


Grace to their modular connector the modules are compatible with all other PowerStrip modules. This allows you to mix and match the modules to create a tailored solution for you.