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A stylish metal key-wrangler

It might just be us, but bottle-opener key chains seem way too 20th century. Ask more from your key chain with UpWrite, a stylish metal key-wrangler that serves as both a conductive stylus and a kickstand for the iPhone 5. Its spring-loaded latch shuts tight to keep your keys in place, and can double as a kickstand when open, holding your iPhone securely in landscape mode for viewing on the go. However, when pin-point precision is what you need, UpWrite's body can also be used as a stylus, adding yet another function with no change in form factor. If we didn't know better, we'd almost say it was trying too hard.

– Key chain lock that doubles as a kickstand grip for smartphones
– Conductive tip for use as a stylus
– Polished zinc finish for a modern aesthetic

- Thermoplastic rubber
- Polished Zinc
- Conductive Silicone

– 82mm L x 19mm W x 14mm D