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Verseur Metal & Levier

Verseur Metal & Levier


Uncork and uncap

Warning: This set may bring on a buzz. Verseur Metal is an upgraded version of our classic wine lover’s multitool that combines everything you need to open, serve, and save your favorite wines. It's combined with Levier, your beer's new BFF. It's a bottle opener that traps caps so they don't fly off onto the floor.

Behold this gift box

We've perfectly paired these two sleek tools for the at-home bartender inside some very snazzy packaging.

Full bottle service

In addition to an easy-to-use corkscrew, Verseur Metal includes a foil cutter, pour spout, and rubber stopper to keep opened bottles fresh.

Trap the bottle cap

Levier is a bottle opener with a built-in magnet that holds tight to the cap, so you can crack open a cold one without cleaning caps up off the floor.