It's World Refill Day, here's what that means for some of our brands...

It's World Refill Day, here's what that means for some of our brands...

It's officially World Refill Day (June 16th), a calendar event organised to prevent plastic pollution and to help people to live with less waste.  

Ball Mason JarsBall Mason Jars meals

Using single use packaged products is having a heavy impact on the planet so we have shared 3 ways that reusing your Ball Mason Jars could be a great alternative - not only could it help to reduce plastic pollution it will save customers' money in the long run too. Some of our suggestions included, using Ball Mason Jars at Zero Waste shops, using the jars as containers for snacks and as reusable lunch boxes. Here at 2tech, we are always keen to promote a more sustainable way of doing things - especially when one of our brands can offer an alternative. 

Carrinet Veggio

Carrinet Veggio, the food safety certified storage bags are made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. The bags are 100% recycled and 100% recyclable - which means they are using up some of the plastic that would have otherwise become waste. The bags are a great way of banishing single use bags from your life and the planet - they are also cost effective.


Another brand that will be available soon from 2tech is the PureMax water bottle by WAATR. The PureMax features 4D purification technology and is a sustainable pro self-cleaning water bottle. This fantastic product has a range of modular filter cartridges that help to reduce a wide range of impurities in your tap water such as metals, chemicals, and micro-plastics - it kills 99.999999% of bacteria that could be present in tap water. The PureMax goes one step further to then add minerals and alkaline back into the water, that would otherwise be lost in the filtration process.

This handy bottle is a great option for those who want clean water but avoid purified tap water due to the lack of minerals. The PureMax will also help you to free yourself from single-use plastics, and switch to a more sustainable option.

The PureMax is handcrafted with 'Re-Use and Refill' in mind, we welcome them into the 2tech range of brands.

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  • Kiesha Meikle