2tech brands: Kefirko, Ball Mason and more...

2tech brands: Kefirko, Ball Mason and more...

Ball Mason

Ball Mason jars are proudly manufactured in the US - 2tech are the EU distributors for the brand.

2tech Ball Mason Jars

With the current global shortage in quality glass mason jar supplies - specifically from the far east - it's no surprise that this has had a real impact on the industry. That said, there is some good news for resellers who are keen to stock  Ball Mason Jars: W
e are pleased to announce that Ball Mason Jars are now in stock (in volume) in the UK with 2tech Ltd.

Ball Mason Jars are the gold standard in glass jars.

Here's what you need to know:  

  • 2tech are EU distributors
  • They are freezer, microwave and dishwasher proof
  • They have 2 x standard mouth sizes (recognised globally)
  • There are a wide range of add-on products to expand usability
  • They are retail-ready and available in 4-6 packs
  • They're in stock (in volume) with 2tech Ltd

If you are interested in reselling our Ball Mason Jars, contact the Sales Team:


Kefirko Relaunch 

After much planning and work, we have redesigned the Kefirko website to make it better for customers. We made a number of changes to both the design and content to improve the user experience:
2tech Kefirko website redesign2tech Kefirko website redesign

Here's what's new:

We have redesigned the website to make it much easier for customers to navigate around. We took a number of elements into account, with a focus on design, customer experience, product and of course, helpful information for those who are interested in fermentation.

Just a few of the changes...

  • We created an entire section on the site so that customers can find everything they need to know about kefir, fermentation and kombucha - without the need to search around.
  • We included handy diagrams on the website - now you can see what you get in every kit, WITH some easy steps on how to make things too. 
  • Our recipes are very popular on our social platforms - we now have a whole section of the site dedicated to recipes, so that customers can make delicious kefir based meals at home.

*To celebrate the relaunch of the Kefirko website, we also ran a successful campaign offering a 25% discount off entire range of Kefirko

These are just some of the changes we have made, we will continue to improve the website over the coming months. If you are interested in the work we have done on the Kefirko website, contact the 2tech Communications Team to find out more. 

We have extended the look and feel of the new design across our Kefirko social media accounts too - in particular Instagram, take a look...


My Little Davinci

2tech My Little Davinci Newsletter


As always, we sent out our monthly redesigned My Little Davinci Club Newsletter. Our newsletter was part of the My Little Davinci website relaunch and now contains monthly activities, downloadables - linked to our  new Club and Activities pages - and competitions and giveaways too. 

Every month we include the following:

- A puzzle

- A quiz

- A drawing / painting activity to dowload

-An update on our latest campaign and/or competition

Both our engagement, click through and sales have benefited hugely from the new additions to both newsletter and website redesign.

*For May 4th, our in-house Graphic Designer put together the image below for a small campaign around Star Wars Day! This Star Wars themed art was shot, framed and designed in My Little Davinci frames.

2tech brand My Little Davinci campaign


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